Better sound absorption means better well-being.

Better sound absorption means better well-being.

Modern decor often consists of big open spaces with a lot of hard surfaces like steel, concrete or glass, all element with no absorption and thus provide challenges for the indoor acoustics.

When there are no absorption, the sound will instead keep travel through the room, reflect on the hard surfaces and create unwanted noise. Not only does this have a negative effect on our motivation and concentration, it can also result in more stress, mental fatigue and increased blood pressure.

Noise is a general well known problem in the work environment, where the noise exposure easily exceeds 85 dB during a normal day at work. Arturel’s acoustic material is thoroughly tested for a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.85 on average over the whole frequency spectrum. NRC describes the total absorption of incoming sound and goes from 0 (total reflection) to 1.00 (total absorption) Our panels are therefore ideal material for creating an optimal sound environment, since it absorbs noise and minimizes reflection. Our product do not only improve the indoor acoustic, but could also improve your general quality of life.


Our panels can be used for sound absorption in combination with inspirational and creative design for both offices and the private homes. Besides improvement of the acoustics, you will also achieve a healthy indoor environment by using sustainable and light weight material like ours.


The standard size of our biggest acoustic panel is 2440x1220mm, but can easily be customized to any size as long as it is within the size of the standard panel. We recommend using 9mm for wall and ceiling, but 12mm and 24mm when it is for products like table screens and floor screens where the material needs to be more stiff.


There are endless applications for the panels and we are always ready to listen to your ideas and so we can develop your project together. Our production facility is capable of cutting small elements very precisely and manipulate the material with different cuttings so it gets more flexible and can be used for sound absorption on round surfaces as well.

Our recycled PET material is lightweight and therefore easy to install. Depending on the surface of the wall/ceiling, there are different ways to install the panels.

For more information about what acoustic pieces fit your office or home please contact: Anders Cederholm at or (+45) 25 67 66 24.

Article brought to you by Arturel Studios - We aim to create work spaces of the future that enhance a sense of quiet beauty and promote creativity and productivity. 

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