The sound OF Silence

Art and function combined

It all begins with a passion for enhancing well being. Arturel acoustic is functional but also aesthetically pleasing. We strive to make products that impact people and the planet in a positive way. All our products is made of recycled materials. Some from ocean plastic others from textile waste.

Collection: Hats & Pants

Our Hats & Pants series is a collaboration with renowned Danish artists Hvass&Hannibal. merges art, sustainability, and heritage, into Limited Edition acoustic art pieces crafted from the historic uniforms of the Danish Royal Life Guard.

We wish be at forefront of the sustainable design movement, and this marks a significant step in our commitment to creating unique and environmentally conscious products. The Danish Royal Life Guard uniforms, with their rich history and cultural significance, have been repurposed into stunning acoustic art pieces that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality.

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Sound reduction effect

In what is commonly known in the world of sound, the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) score is a chart, that explains the amount of sound reduced by a material within the frequency spectrum, measured in Hz.

Our artistic and designed acoustic panels have an average of 0,85 NRC (where 1.00 NRC is absolute) and is better than most of our competitors.

The tests of our 9mm material is powered by our trusted partners.

Refund policy

We have 30 days full refund policy on all our products. You have one year warranty and our support.

Delivery time

Depending on which product you have ordered, it normally takes 5-12 days.

Welcome to the Arch series

The aesthetics of the Arch series are based on a series of perfectly proportioned lines and arcs that result in this avant-garde art piece.

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