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Hats & Pants

Hats & Pants

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Acoustic Art Made from Royal Life Guards Uniforms 

- Limited edition (100 pieces) 
- Free Return & 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
- Designed & produced in Denmark

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Offer ends the 3rd of March 

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Arturel X Hvass&Hannibal

Our collaboration with renowned Danish artists Hvass&Hannibal merges art, sustainability and heritage, into Limited Edition acoustic art pieces crafted from the historic uniforms of the Danish Royal Life Guard.

At Arturel we wish be at forefront of the sustainable design movement, and this marks a significant step in our commitment to creating unique and environmentally conscious products. With their rich history and cultural significance the Danish Royal Life Guard uniforms, have been repurposed into stunning acoustic art pieces that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality.

Better acoustic

Working with Kvadrat has allowed us to design a product that not only utilises upcycled materials but also provides better sound and beautiful acoustic art to homes and work spaces.

Kvadrat Really’s Textile Felt has been tested for a sound reduction efficient (NRC) of 0.35 on average. Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) score is a diagram that is known around the world for noise frequency reduction which is measured in Hz. (where 1.00 NRC is total sound reduction).

The artworks have a thicknes of 32 mm.

Royal Life Guard Uniform

Our acoustic artworks are made from upcycled Uniforms from the The Royal Life Guards (Den Kongelige Livgarden). Together with Kvadrat Really we have transformed the Uniforms into
raw acoustic panels which is made from 70% uniform/wool and 30% thermoplastic binder.
The light blue panels are from the pants and dark blue from jacket.
In the dark blue panels you will find red bits from the stitchings and real silver from the shoulder marks.

Art & function combined

Art has proven to make people happier. This is an art piece with multiple layers of recycled wool, which creates a tactile and sculptural look.
All artworks comes with an solid oak frame.
They work like acoustic panels and possess sound-absorbing properties which helps to ensure a better indoor environment by improving the acoustics in any given space.

Meet the Artists

Hvass&Hannibal is a Copenhagen-based multi-disciplinary arts and design studio known for its bold and imaginative approach. With a diverse portfolio that spans graphic design, illustration and art direction, Hvass&Hannibal brings a unique perspective to every project, pushing the boundaries of creative expression.

The upcycled uniforms

"We are deeply grateful for the collaboration with Kvadrat Really, the Danish Ministry of Defence's Material and Purchasing Agency and B2B Auctions A/S. Their commitment to this project has been essential in creating a collection that not only celebrates our cultural heritage but also promotes sustainability and artistic innovation".

- Thor Boisen, Head of Production, Arturel

Behind the scenes

"It's fun to work with something that is so familiar as the Royal Life Guards Uniform - It's so iconic. The series is called Hats & Pants. The hat design it's a series of hats repeated diagonally upwards, creating a staircase shape at the bottom - and at the top, there's a kind of sky."

"The other piece is inspired by the Life Guard's pants. Imagining the Life Guard marching and you can see through the rows of legs in motion."

- Nan Na, Hvass&Hannibal

3 designs & 2 sizes

The design is available in 2 sizes:

55x55 cm and 55X110 cm - all framed and ready for installation.

The artworks are available in 3 different designs and different colors. The light blue from the pants and dark blue from the jackets and the white from Kvadrat Really's standard series.

Please note that since the materials are recycled, minor colour variations may occur.