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Article: Increase focus – and reduce sick leave for your employers

Increase focus – and reduce sick leave for your employers

Increase focus – and reduce sick leave for your employers

One thing is for sure. Sounds and noise interruptions are known to reduce the ability to focus and can be a primary source of annoyance. This continuous interruption can have a saying at the number of sick leave days for employers.

Some pinpoints:

  • Noise exposure is significantly correlated to absence due to sickness: the more complex the task, the more significant the correlation becomes due to sound annoyance*

  • Moderate levels of noise may also contribute to adverse psychological and physical reactions. These include: somatic complaints, sleep disturbances/ elevated blood pressure, increased secretion of stress hormones.*

  • Evidence suggests that noise is the most widespread stressor in the physical work environment among the industrial workforce in the USA and Europe.*

To reduce this impact and reduce sick leave - a better indoor environment/climate has to be created - we believe a changing factor for this issue is better acoustics. At Arturel: acoustics and art are intertwined. Art can increase productivity by 32%**, inspire creativity and increase employee well-being. We have created a solution that has both. Art and acoustics. We call it utilitarian art which has an incredible ability to reduce sound. Sounds awesome, right? 

We have a wide range of acoustic products that are specifically made to create both a better indoor environment, more productivity for employees and better for the planet.

For more information about what acoustic pieces fit your office or home please contact: Anders Cederholm at or (+45) 25 67 66 24.

Article brought to you by Arturel Studios - We aim to create work spaces of the future that enhance a sense of quiet beauty and promote creativity and productivity. 

*Source: Ecophon Saint-Gobain, impact-of-noise-in-the-workplace, a-research-summary-2.pdf, page. 19.

**Source: Hvorfor kunst er vigtigt, Artboost, main page

Writer: Lloyd Revald, Co-founder and Designer at Arturel

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