Our mounting system makes the installation of your new acoustic art simple and quick. Mount our acoustic panels on your wall with these steps.

How to install our acoustic panels

How to install your Arturel piece

1. Find the perfect placement

Find the perfect place for your new acoustic artwork in your space.

2. Gather your standard tools

You don't need anything special - just your usual tools like a drill, level and plugs, if using.

3. Disassemble the 4-way-mount

Disassemble the 4-way-mount that you got with your artwork.

4. Measure the correct placement

Measure the correct placement on your wall.

5. Make sure the holes in the mount go all the way through

Make sure the holes go all the way through so you're ready for when you need to put the mount on the wall.

6. Mark the position on the wall

Measure and mark the position for the mount on the wall.

7. Drill and use plugs if necessary

Drill the holes and insert plugs depending on your wall and whether you're using them.

8. Install the mount with screws

Screw the mount on the wall in the holes you've already made but check the next step before putting the screws in completely.

9. Make sure the mount is level

Check the mount is level before you fully attach the last screw.

10. Be playful with your art piece 

Turn your art work which ever way works for you. You can even turn it once in a while to have a new feel.

11. Expand your art piece

Add more panels to your artwork when you need something new. It's easy to combine the panels to create a new acoustic artwork in your space.

Where can I place my Arturel artworks?

Living room I Bedroom I Kitchen I Dining area I Entrance I Meeting room I Office I Bathroom

We have plenty of cases where our work have been used in everything from organisations & office spaces to bathrooms and living areas in a home. The opportunities are endless and with our design, you can truly do what works for you and your space.