Arturel journal II: Quality content from a new environment - visiting Montanus in Aarhus

Arturel journal II: Quality content from a new environment - visiting Montanus in Aarhus

Montanus creates content universes for knowledge driven companies. For the company and Mikkel Svold, who is the man behind Montanus, it is essential that the content is of the highest quality.

At the border between the centre of Aarhus and the neighbourhood Åbyhøj you’ll find the company Montanus. Montanus is a media company, which was founded in 2017 by Mikkel Svold. In 2022, the company moved to a new space and acquired a podcast studio.

“We’re driven by creating great content. It’s just more fun to make something of a high quality,” says Svold.

A world of quality content

Montanus’ purpose is to build “content universes for knowledge based companies”. In other words, it means that they work with for example big B2B companies where specialised knowledge is at the heart of the business.

“We work with for example engineering companies where we communicate their knowledge so other people can understand it. Otherwise, knowledge is worth nothing,” says Svold.

It hasn’t been simple to get to a stage where it’s possible to create the kind of quality content Montanus creates today.

“It has taken us years to streamline the processes we have today. We take that experience with us in our work every day,” says Svold.

Systematic production

Some of the current clients at Montanus are the technology company Terma, the supply chain experts at Perito Consulting, the Facebook-agency We Are Humans and the plasma- and Corona company Tantec.

“We write blog posts, text for websites, e-mail marketing and much more. The strategy is clear at Montanus. Through video meetings, webinars, phone calls and podcasts we create the basis of the knowledge that will later find its way into the world through articles, posts on social media, videos and email,” says Svold.

He also says that Montanus is possibly one of the only agencies that work systematically - almost mechanically - with content production at a high professional level. If you ask the owner, the future looks bright.

“Today, we have two full-time employees but in 2022 I hope to have more employees and we expect to double our turnover. 2020 was a difficult year for us but after strategic considerations we have found a new approach which has brought both more interesting projects and a more calm business environment,” says Svold.



Improved acoustics in the new podcast studio

When moving to the new space Svold has had help from the designer Line Sindberg. You can feel the designer’s presence in the rooms.

The interior has a simple and modern Scandinavian style with specifically curated books for the creatives. The warm colours on the walls compliment the 1960s-style windows that separate Svold’s office from the rest of the agency.

In the dedicated podcast studio a beautiful blue colour is a contrast to the other rooms. The room is designed to record both sound and video for several podcast series. As a part of the work in the new podcast studio Svold has had help with the acoustic challenges from Arturel. Therefore, there’s a special edition of the Wave series on the wall in a unique size of 120x200 cm.

“The sound is much better when you’re closer to the artwork. You can really feel that. And it’s even more beautiful than I had expected,” says Svold and adds that the room will be ready to record thousands of hours of podcasts and videos very soon.



Mikkel Svold, born 1989
From Odense, Denmark
Holds a degree in Business Communications and English from Aarhus Business School and a master’s in Creative Management from Kingston University, London
CEO and founder of Montanus


Photo credit: Lloyd Revald

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