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How do I mount my Arturel piece?

To make sure you artworks are as horizontal or vertical as you want them to be, we have created a step-by-step mounting guide to the installation system that we provide. Download the guide by using this link.

Any issues? Send an email to

Delivery time?

We aim to help our customers as fast as possible, however, we only produce on-demand. Our current delivery time is approximately 7-14 days, but may vary during campaigns where you can experience a longer delivery time. For further and more accurate delivery time, visit the product page of your order or wanted product. We are working closely with our partners to secure the best quality for our customers.

Shipping prices domestically and international?

We are shipping all of our products from Denmark. Our current shipping price for shipping in Denmark starts at: 79,- DKK. Shipping in Europe and internationally starts at: 199,- DKK.

For international orders outside of EU use the code: INT20 at your shopping cart to reduce the Danish VAT.

For more info contact us at:

Which sizes do you have?

We can make whatever fits your room, however, we have a few standard sizes that we use for clients such as:

60x60 cm
60x60 cm
60x120 cm
70x100 cm

Do you have a showroom? Can I come visit Arturel?

We welcome visitors to our showroom and office based in Aarhus, Denmark. However, we don’t have a showroom or physical store. As it’s our workplace, we suggest giving us a call, so we can schedule a good time for you to come by.

Simply contact us at

30 days full refund? What does that mean?

It means that within 30 days after delivery of your product you can ship it back to us and get all your money back. Yes, that’s right. If you are not happy, we're not happy.

We only want happy customers and if you're not we'll gladly give you a full refund within the first 30 days.

You will receive your refund when the product has been returned to us.

Is it possible to create a customised acoustic wall panel?

Yes, it’s possible for us to produce a customized design with a maximum dimension of 1200 mm x 2400 mm per acoustic panel.

There will be an additional charge added to the cost and the price per squaremetre/tile will be higher than our standard collections.

Custom artworks start at 20,000 DKK excl. VAT.

For a quote, please send a drawing and quantity required to

What is Arturel’s warranty?

Arturel products are covered under warranty for one year against failures related to defects in materials or workmanship effective from the date of invoice for the durations specified below.

Delivered product must be inspected upon receipt.

Failure to notify any quality issues within three (3) business days of receipt constitutes a waiver of any dispute.

What are the benefits of using Arturel’s acoustic panels?

Arturels acoustic panel are sound-absorbing panel used to mitigate noise and reduce the reverberation and echo in a space.

Arturel are essentially felt acoustic panels that possess fantastic sound-absorbing properties, and can help ensure a better indoor climate by improving the acoustics in the room.

Arturel has a sound absorption coefficient (NRC) of 0.85. NRC denotes the total absorption of incoming sound, which goes from 0 (total reflection) to 1.00 (total absorption).

However, it all depends on your specific room and space. It depends on your current interior, height of walls and how much you need the acoustics to be improved. We guarantee an improvement, that will inspire you and improve your well-being at your office or at home.

Cleaning procedure and maintenance of Arturel products?

Our Arturel recycled PET material, which we use for all our current products, is strong and doesn’t need much maintenance.

However, we recommend removing dust with a light touch of a cloth or careful use of a vacuum cleaner.

If your product has a minor stain, we recommend using soap with no colour, a clean cloth and a bit of water.

If the stain is heavier, you can use more water and simply rinse the product with water.

Use a clean cloth and light hand to remove the dirt. Do not scrub the material as it might damage the overall look of the product.

It will not be damaged as it is made out of plastic fibers which are closed fibers. Most of the time, the liquid will stay on top of the material and not be absorbed.

We also recommend to test your appliances on a non-visible area to test any possible damage before using it on the affected area.

Do Arturel provide design support?

Yes, Arturel provide design support to meet your requirements. Please drop us an email

What is your sustainability approach and what are your products made out of?

Our acoustic panels are made out of recycled PET bottles collected from the oceans around the world. 90% is recycled PET. 100% of the felt is recyclable. The material is then transformed into felt panels that we and our suppliers make in sizes, colours and looks on-demand.

You can read more about our sustainability approach on our Sustainability page.