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Arch - Kvadrat Really X Arturel

Arch - Kvadrat Really X Arturel

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Acoustic Art Made from Recycled Textiles

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All these artworks comes with an oak frame.  

Processing time: 7-14 days

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Arturel X Kvadrat Really

We know the importance of protecting the planet. That is why recycling is critical. This is one of the reasons why we are teaming up with Kvadrat. Our visions align to make beautifully well-designed products from upcycled materials. 

Better acoustic

Working with Kvadrat has allowed us to design a product that not only utilises upcycled materials but also provides better sound and beautiful acoustic art to homes and work spaces

Kvadrat Really’s Textile Felt has been tested for a sound reduction efficient (NRC) of 0.35 on average. Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) score is a diagram that is known around the world for noise frequency reduction which is measured in Hz.* Our Arturel x Kvadrat artworks have an average of 0.35 NRC (where 1.00 NRC is total sound reduction).

The artwork have a thicknes of 40 mm

Designed by Nital Patel (Multi award winning designer)

Made from upcycled textiles

Our acoustic artworks are made from the Kvadrat Really series. They creates high-quality circular materials from textile waste; A new engineered material made from upcycled textiles, which is made from 70% post-production ‘waste’ textile and 30% thermoplastic binder.

The design is available in 3 sizes: One tile, two tiles and four tiles framed and ready for installation.

The artworks are available in two colours: Natural and Slate gray. Please note that since the materials are recycled minor colour variations may occur

Art & function combined

Art has proven to make people happier. This is an art piece with multiple layers of recycled wool, which creates a tactile and sculptural look. Our acoustic panels possess sound-absorbing properties which helps to ensure a better indoor environment by improving the acoustics in any given space. Poor acoustics is the nr. 1 productivity killer for companies and that is why sound is a vital part of the well-being at office spaces. Good acoustics creates enhanced focus and productivity.

Positive impact

We believe in a future with less waste and better acoustics. People deserve a better indoor environment which increases well-being. Our approach is clear: less waste for the planet, more art to the people which results in a better quality of life for all.

“At Arturel we are passionate about designing and creating products for a better space and a better world. We already use recycled materials in our other collections and we’re beyond proud to be able to work with Kvadrat on this very special collaboration.”

- CEO, Anders Cederholm

Arturel X Kvadrat Really

A leader in design innovation, Kvadrat produces quality contemporary textiles and textile related products for architects, designers and private consumers across the world and are based in Denmark. Part of their design innovation is focused on using their own ‘waste’ materials to create new products through collections such as Kvadrat Really.

Enhanced focus and productivity

Poor acoustics is the number one productivity killer for companies and that is why sound is a vital part of well-being in work spaces. Good acoustics create enhanced focus and productivity - and it can be done sustainably for people and the planet.