• Why?

    We aim to create work spaces of the future that promote a sense of quiet beauty and enhance creativity and productivity. We create acoustic art panels that have brilliant sound absorbing properties and help to ensure a better indoor environment by improving the acoustics. Our goal is to create products that inspire and create better well-being for people and the planet.

  • We are creators

    We are a multidisciplinary creative team with a broad range of industry experience. We aim to create products that inspire and enable a better everyday life in work spaces and beyond. Arturel is based in Aarhus, Denmark.

How it works

  • Anders Cederholm, CEO

    I am a passionate and ambitious entrepreneur. I have been collecting art for 12 years and have been working in the art & tech industry for the past 8 years. I love giving new life to old materials and repurpose them into stunning acoustic art pieces that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality.

  • Nital Patel, Head of Design

    I’m a creative and multidisciplinary design professional with a wealth of experience leading product innovation, industrial design and brand design management. I enjoy building brands by creating meaningful products and services to future-proof a brand’s market position.

Functional and aesthetically pleasing

  • Highly flexible and moveable acoustic pieces

    95% of all acoustics solutions are permanent and cannot be moved. We don't think that's sustainable. Our acoustic panels are designed for workspaces where flexibility is key. All our products are made so they can easily be moved to another location. If you grow out of your current space you can bring your acoustics with you.

  • Best in class quality (A+)

    Our acoustic panels offer fantastic sound-absorbing properties. They help to ensure a better interior environment by improving the acoustics in whatever space you have.

    The felt used for Arturel panels has a sound absorption coefficient (NRC) of 0.85 measured 200mm away from the wall.

    NRC denotes the total absorption of incoming sound, which goes from 0 (total reflection) to 1.00 (total absorption).

    Compared to other sound-absorbing materials, Arturel delivers a better all round sound experience.

    The sound spectrum will feel more natural, where with many other materials you will experience a reflection of sounds with either more deep or light tones.

  • Material

    Our acoustic felt is primarily made out of recycled PET, where 90% is reused felt.

    By using recycled materials, we push for a better world for generations to come. We are on a mission to use sustainable materials in a circular loop that doesn’t compromise the planet, people or the art we create.

    In the same way, we strive to use as little material as possible and we keep optimizing our production for a more sustainable future for all.