Case: Fellow Workspace’s acoustic art transformation

Case: Fellow Workspace’s acoustic art transformation

Arturel x Fellow Workplace 

A unique workspace deserves the best acoustic artworks. Located at the new and innovative area Aarhus Ø, Fellow Workspace has been designed in an Nordic style with an international nod to Hamburg, Amsterdam and Paris.

Arturel’s acoustic art panels are designed for workspaces where flexibility is key. Almost the entire collection can be seen throughout the 2000 m2 workspace spread over two floors. The artworks cover hallways, work stations, meeting rooms, and lounge areas. Every piece has been carefully selected to fit the raw concrete and earthy elements of the space. The design is made with materials such as bricks, oak, brass, natural stone and warm textiles.

“The quality and beauty of Arturel’s acoustic art is outstanding, and we couldn’t be more happy with the end result. The fusion of artistry with function is just what our Fellow Workspace needed and has been complimented by our members,” says Ulf Gaardsted, CEO at Fellow Workspace.

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